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   Our boat docks and slips are some of the finest on the lake.  The upper left view is looking to the west out into the main body of the lake.  The upper right view is looking in the same basic direction, but from under the covered walkway out towards the fish cleaning facility.  Usually a good fishing spot for the non-boaters or a nice place to watch the beautiful large white pelicans that come swimming around looking for scraps.  The lower left view is looking to the south back into a lagoon leading to our park area in that direction.  The lower right view is looking to the north back into another lagoon leading to our park area in that direction.  Yes, our park is pretty good size and you will see numerous golf carts going from one location to another through out the park.
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   About now you have to be wondering if there are any fish here worth catching!   That would depend on what you would consider "worth catching"......  The lake has the following:
                                                                 Black Bass
                                                                 White Bass
                                                                  Blue Gill
        And some I can't even pronounce, as they come in from northern Mexico rivers.

  That's right fellows, people travel to Zapata to fish in major fishing tournaments each year even thought the lake's water level does vary from year to year.  We're not talking about the local fellows.  We are talking about the big boys who only do serious fishing.  You know, the ones where they take home the bacon that allows them to continue their money making sport.
You will see some of the most beautiful boating rigs roll into town about a week before each
tournament along with the TV crews to record the events.  You didn't see this place on TV?
Hey guys and gals, you are working way too hard.  Turn on the sports channels this winter while you are freezing up north and watch us having the time of our lives down here in south Texas on the Rio Grande.
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Falcon Lake fishing is really HOT!
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