Our multi-purpose recreation 
hall is used for exercise classes, bingo, numerous card and board 
games during both day & even-
ings as well as bridge on M-W-F afternoons.  Serves as host to Xmas & Thanksgiving dinners, a monthly birthday party with cake and ice cream and a weekly pot-luck supper every Wednesday.  There are special dinners like a Brisket Dinner, Chili Cook-offs, Spaghetti Supper and a Corned Beef on St. Patrick's Day.  Sunday the hall is host to non-denominat ional church services at 9:30 and 4:30 as well as a 2 hour musical 
jamb session just after lunch.
   Of course there is an occasional evening dance for those who like to kick up their heals.  And there is also our New Years party and dance.  When the park gathers enough spunky extroverted talent, we sometimes have a truly wonderful dinner followed by a delightfully funny performance as our current customer's talent can produce.
   We must mention our really great billiard hall equipped with both 8-ball and snooker tables.  It is also home to some poker tables. (for those who like to play just for fun of course)  It also serves as a morning coffee den for the fellows along about 5 am in the morning to kick start their motors.  It is also has a restroom for those who want that second or third cup.   SORRY fellows, but we do reserve this hall one night a week for a LADIES NIGHT OUT for the girls!   We do want you to have a place to sleep each night and it keeps a smile on the little ladies faces.
The recreation hall is also home to a 8 washer/dryer laundry room.  It also has men's and women's full  bathing facilities for those with small units not equipped to handle your daily needs.
We have three outstanding covered (glass beaded) shuffle board courts as well as two horse shoe courts for those that can not find something less useful do.
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   If you are not inclined to go fishing, there are plenty of things for you to enjoy.  The girls are always coming up with great things to do besides play cards, board games, exercise classes and such.  These ladies get into all kinds of crafts from sewing, quilting, painting, ceramics and horticulture projects.  If you can't think of something new to do, just say so and about a hundred or more ladies will surely help you find a new talent you didn't know you had.  One note of caution, do not be near the parks entry gate on Friday and Saturdays mornings.  There are some serious lady garage salers here and you know how they hate to miss a sale.  Then there is Laredo TX just fifty miles northwest of here that has tremendously wonderful stores to shop in as well as looking for purses, shoes and clothes in the street shops in old town Laredo.
    Still not enough?  Well the "Valley" (meaning McAllen, Donna, Mercedes TX and others) is just a 85 miles or so trip to the southeast of here that brings a new meaning to the word shopping.  Hubby doesn't want to go!  No problem, the ladies here have no problem taking off on their own.  Besides, who wants a pesky husband along, only to start whining about going back home after only an hour in one store for crying out loud.  If this shopping information frenzy hasn't wet your whistle, try a couple of the local margaritas on for size to sooth the jangled nerves.  Anyway, I think you are beginning to get the idea, this isn't just a guy place for the fellows.  Come join the Liberated ladies of the Zapata Red Hat Society on one Wednesday each month.  That is a memory day for the book every time, these ladies know how to have fun.  So come on down and join in the fun in the sun that south Texas provides all winter long...............
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